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Julian Posada


Julian Posada is an Assistant Professor of American Studies. His research integrates theories and methods from information science, sociology, and human-computer interaction to examine how technology is developed and used within various historical, cultural, and social contexts. His current project investigates the dynamics between human labor and data production in the artificial intelligence industry. Incorporating Latin American critical thought, his current project emphasizes the experiences of Latin American workers who are employed by digital platforms to produce machine learning data and validate algorithmic outputs.

Mike Printy


Michael Printy (JE ‘94) is the Librarian for Western European Humanities at Yale. At the library, he focuses on collection development in French, German, Italian, and European History, and on assisting faculty and students with research. He is also a historian specializing in European Intellectual History, especially the Enlightenment and religion in Germany. In addition to a B.A. from Yale he has a Ph.D. in History from U.C. Berkeley. He has spent several years in Germany, first as a Fulbright scholar right after graduating from Yale, and then later for subsequent research stays.  As an undergraduate, Sterling Memorial Library was one of his favorite places (alongside the 7th floor of Payne-Whitney), and he is pleased to have an office there now surrounded by over 4 million books! He is quite happy to talk to students about any aspect of the library, European history, or about studying in Europe. Email: Michael.printy@yale.edu

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James Prosek


Curatorial Affiliate

Elizabeth Quercia


Assistant Secretary for Governance at Office of the Secretary and Vice President


Greg Raskin


Dr. Greg Raskin (JE 94, MED 98) is the Vice President of Technology Development at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. In this role, he leads efforts to ensure that promising discoveries made in MSK’s laboratories are further developed and commercialized. Prior to re-entering the world of academic medicine in 2012, Greg worked for a decade as an investor in public and private biotechnology companies; for a few years as a management consultant to pharmaceutical companies; and briefly as a medical resident. Greg is a Lecturer in Yale College, co-teaching an undergraduate seminar on biotechnology and drug development. He’d be happy to talk to students about careers at the intersection of business and medicine.

Anthony Reno


Joel E. Smilow ‘54 Head Coach of Football


John Ricotta


Director at the Office of Investments


Michael Rigsby


Medical Director of Yale Health; Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine


Randy Rode


Randy Rode is a member Yale’s Information Technology Services (ITS) group where he serves as the Director of Campus IT Partner Relationship and Development. In this role he works with the distributed technology providers at the professional schools, museums, Yale College and the Graduate School to identify commons needs, promote cross- organizational collaborations, and assist these groups in fully utilizing ITS services. Prior to joining ITS, Randy worked as the Information Technology Director for the School of Drama. He is also an adjunct professor at Quinnipiac University, teaching communications courses in web programming techniques and user centered design. In his spare time Randy likes sailing, singing, yoga and meditation. He welcomes conversations with students on any of these topics. randall.rode@yale.edu

Ellen Rosand


Professor Emeritus of Music