Congratulations JE 2020 Graduates!



Dear Seniors,

One of the highlights of our year is the moment when you cross the stage in the JE courtyard and we present you with your diplomas.

Of course, this strange year there will be no public ceremony and no hand-off, hand-shake, or hug. But even though the ceremony has changed, our desire to be with you, and to congratulate you, remains the same.

Your diploma represents the hard work you put into classes, the education you have gained through discourse, discussion and dissent. It is a symbol of the time we have had together, in all its richness and wonder, and the hopes and faith we have in your futures.

We are incredibly proud of you and know that you will go on to do great things. We eagerly look forward to the day—not too long from now—when we can celebrate your accomplishments, as individuals and as a class, together and in person.


Warmly, and with great pride,


Mark Saltzman - Head of College 

Christina Ferando - Dean 


Below, please find the Honors and Awards video for Jonathan Edwards' Class of 2020. Congratulations, Graduates!