Welcome to JE!

 Welcome, “Spiders”!

The term “Spiders” is one you will hear frequently in the next four years as you open your email from your head of college and dean. If you do not know why Jonathan Edwards (JE) students are called Spiders: read up on Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), one of Yale’s most illustrious graduates, and namesake of the residential college you will enter, and you soon will understand!

As JE’s head of college and dean, we look forward to meeting you in August. Right now, here is critical information, for which we know you have been waiting. During your first year, you will live in Farnam Hall on Yale’s Old Campus. To your left you will find your room assignment and the list of your suitemates. Here you also will find the name of your first-year counselor (or FroCo), one of seven awesome JE seniors who will be living with you in Farnam. Your FroCo will be able to provide you with guidance, not just on academic matters but also personal ones (including what to pack)!

You will be hearing from your counselor over the summer. All the counselors will be on the Old Campus on move-in day, just as we will, to say hello to you and also to anyone from home who might be accompanying you to campus. If you haven’t activated your Yale e-mail account yet, do so now so that you can open this line of communication with your suite mates, and with us; in the coming weeks, we also will use this address to write to you.

Shortly before the fall semester, you will be assigned a college adviser from among the fellowship of the college. Working together as a team, your college advisor, the FroCos, and the directors of undergraduate studies of Yale’s departments and programs will play an important role as you plan your course schedule within the broader context of your Yale career.

You will meet with your college adviser before classes begin. Meanwhile: read and pay attention to all the information sent to you by the Yale College Dean’s Office. You won’t sign up for any courses before you have been on campus for some time. BUT there are some academic matters you will be asked to consider and will need and want to do before you arrive, so – pay attention!

We look forward to meeting you personally in late August. Your FroCos live with you in Farnam: a first- year dorm to be envied. The head of college and dean both live in the College, where you also will eat and spend much time. Along with our resident fellows, our resident and non-resident graduate affiliates, our faculty fellows and the wonderful JE staff, we all are your family away from home. Our snug college, with its fantastic basement facilities, its Buttery and letterpress, its little theater, its gorgeous libraries and its courtyard with its flowers and hammocks - and most of all with its passionate and loyal Spiders -awaits you. JE is well known far and wide for its strong community. We welcome you to a place that will form a part of your shared identity forever.

Congratulations on being placed in the best college at Yale!

With warmest regards,

       Mark Saltzman - Head of College 

      Christina Ferando - Dean