Welcome from the New Dean

Welcome Jonathan Edwards College,

I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to Jonathan Edwards College. Serving as your Dean is a great privilege. JE, Yale’s inaugural residential college, holds a profound history and cherished traditions. Together, we have the unique opportunity to honor our predecessors while crafting our own narratives.

As your Dean, my primary role is to support and guide you on your journey at JE. I am committed to helping you create lasting memories that will transform this place into your home away from home.

The sentiment “Home is belonging” resonates deeply with me. Throughout your time here, you will encounter academic and personal challenges. However, I am confident that together, we can foster a strong sense of belonging and community at JE. It is my aim that you feel welcomed, embraced, and part of something truly special.

As you make your way to campus and envision your life as a Yale student, I encourage you to approach the JE experience with an open mind and a readiness to explore new opportunities. An exciting lineup of events awaits, including intramural sports and traditional activities, designed to help you connect with peers, form meaningful bonds, create new memories, and, above all, enjoy yourself. I eagerly anticipate our interactions at these events and throughout the vibrant spaces of JE.

I look forward to our upcoming interactions, collaborations, and shared learning experiences. Wishing you safe travels, and I eagerly await our reunion this fall.

Warm regards,
Yaser S. Robles
Dean of Jonathan Edwards College