Music Practice Rooms

Music Practice Rooms - Rooms 17 & 20

The two soundproof, air-conditioned practice rooms 17 and 20 are under Entryway E and are available for any JE Student to use. These are perfect for practicing anything and all things musical weekdays until 11:00 PM and weekends until 1:00 AM.


  1. For use by Spiders only.
  2. Spiders may use the Practice Rooms on a first come, first served basis.  
  3. No equipment (e.g., music stands, instruments, etc.) may be left in the room without permission.

Drum/Rehearsal Room - Room 18A

The rehearsal room houses a piano, bass amp, guitar amp, and drum kit and suits small group ensembles (10 person maximum). For access to the room, contact .

Please see Guidelines below.

Studio Collective - Room 19 

The JE’s Studio Collective is a fully-equipped production studio, perfect for starting and finishing recorded and produced music. Record a demo for a new song, produce a trap beat, mix your band’s new album, explore professional music production software, and be inspired by some amazing tools. Available for use by Spider after training with a JE Studio Manager. For access to the room, contact .

Guidelines for Rooms 18A and 19:

  1. Spiders may not remove any equipment from the studio.
  2. Spiders may bring Yalies from outside the college but are responsible for their guests.
  3. Only JE equipment is allowed to be left in the room unless granted permission by a JE Studio Manager.