Student Kitchen

                          Student Kitchen Rules!

JE’s student kitchen is well equipped and ready for any culinary creation. It comes complete with a large refrigerator, oven, microwave, sinks, a table and chairs, and plenty of counter space. 

A list of ingredients supplied for common use can be found on the JE Student Kitchen Inventory. All other ingredients must be brought by the student and removed from the kitchen at the end of the reservation.



We have changed the registration policy so that you can check out the kitchen in two hour increments. There are a maximum of three consecutive sessions in one day. You can book your reservation on our calendly and submit a request via the JE Student Kitchen Request form.

Requests must be submitted AT LEAST 24 HOURS in advance, or on Friday for weekend use.

After submitting the form, await email confirmation of your reservation slot from or Your reservation is NOT valid and you will not have swipe access to the kitchen until you have received this email.



The following rules must be observed while using the kitchen. Rules are strictly enforced and failure to comply with them will result in loss of access to the kitchen.

During your reservation slot:

  • Make sure someone is always present in the kitchen when appliances are on.

  • Do not remove dishes or appliances from the kitchen at any time. Do not remove any shared ingredients for use outside the kitchen.

  • Complete the cleanup checklist (below) BEFORE your reservation slot is over.

  • Clean up checklist (all of these MUST be completed before you leave the kitchen):

    • Thoroughly wash everything you use: Wash all pots, pans, knives, and mixing bowls by hand using a clean sponge. Then, use the dishwasher for all plates, soup bowls, cups, mugs, and utensils only. Make sure to start the dishwasher before you leave. Dishwasher pellets and clean sponges are located in the cabinet above the sink.

    • Dry all dishes that you wash by hand with the provided paper towels, and return them to their proper locations. Do not leave anything in the dish rack.

    • Wipe down all surfaces, including the counters and table, and make sure there’s nothing on the floor. 

    • Throw away the sponges you have used to clean the dishes and kitchen surfaces.

    • Ensure all food and outside ingredients are removed from the kitchen.

    • Throw away all the trash. Then, take out the trash and replace the bag with one of the provided trash bags.

    • Turn off all appliances and lights and close the door - do not prop the door for others to use later.

    • Complete the JE Student Kitchen Checkout Form 

    • Email or if any of the shared kitchen ingredients have been used up or are running low or just let us know on the checkout form. 

Email the student kitchen managers with any questions or concerns at or