Student Kitchen

JE’s student kitchen is well equipped and ready for any culinary creation. It comes complete with a large refrigerator, a range, a microwave, sinks, a table and chairs, and plenty of counter space.

If you would like to use the student kitchen, click here.   Once you have made the reservation online, please see or email to gain swipe access.

All reservations must be made AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE, and on Friday for Weekend use.


1. Thoroughly wash everything you use. 

2. Wash all pots, pans, knives, and mixing bowls by hand. You may use the dishwasher for plates, soup bowls, cups, mugs, and utensils only. Make sure to start the dishwasher before you leave. Dishwasher pellets are located in the cabinet above the sink. 

3. Dry all dishes that you wash by hand with the provided paper towels. Do not leave anything in the dish rack. 

4. Wipe down counters and table, and make sure there’s nothing on the floor. 

5. Throw away all trash. Then, take out the trash and replace the bag with one of the provided trash bags. 

6. Do not remove any equipment or dishes from the kitchen. 

7. Do not leave while the oven is on. 

8. Do not leave any food or leftover ingredients in the kitchen. 

9. Do not prop the door for others to use later.

Questions? Comments? Contact: Student Kitchen Manager -