First-Year Counselors

JE is delighted to announce 2021 - 2022 Fro-Cos! 

Ale Andres Campillo

Ale Andres Campillo (They/Them/Theirs) is a rising senior in Jonathan Edwards College from Los Angeles, California. Pursuing a double major in Theater Studies and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, Ale has performed in over a dozen productions all the while leading intercultural protests to amplify BIPOC & LGBTQ voices in the arts. As a proud first generation Mexican-Cuban American, you can catch Ale cooking Latin food at La Casa Cultural, Yale’s Latino Cultural Center where they used to work as a student coordinator. To unwind you can also find Ale in the Jonathan Edwards Sculpture Garden listening to Rina Sawayama, Lil Nas X, Kacey Musgraves, BTS, Lorde, and more! They seriously can’t wait to meet their FROCO Group and the amazing class of 2025! 

Ale’s $0.02: Moving across the country from Los Angeles, I was so nervous to begin college so far away. My greatest advice is two-fold. Rest assured that whether it is the Jonathan Edwards Community, the wider city of New Haven, or a smaller club or organization, you will find a new home here at Yale. Secondly–and perhaps most importantly–get a good winter coat for the colder months.


Allison Rice

Allison (she/her/hers) is from Baltimore, MD and loves cheering on her home teams the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens! Allison is a Global Affairs major, with a regional focus on the Middle East. Outside of the classroom, Allisom walked-on to the sailing team, writes for the Yale Review of International Studies, researches the destruction of cultural heritage sites in conflict zones, and is involved with FOOT (First-Year Outdoor Orientation Trips). She has worked in the packaging center and at the JE Buttery, which is hands down the best job on campus! She spent one summer living with a host family in Amman, Jordan and volunteers at Sanctuary Kitchen in New Haven. She would love to talk to you about securing funding for summer opportunities. In her free time, Alliso loves baking, trying to solve the NYT Crossword puzzle daily, and convincing more friends that Arethusa is the best ice cream in New Haven. Allisom cannot wait to meet each member of the Class of 2025 and help connect them to the wonderful JE community!

Allison’s $0.02: Do not be afraid to ask for help! Whether going to office hours with a professor, emailing your Dean (or Froco!) when you have a question, or leaning on friends and suitemates for support, there are so many resources at Yale that I wish I had known to take advantage of sooner. Asking for help is much more a sign of strength than one of weakness. I came into Yale thinking that if I asked for help I was admitting defeat – what I came to realize in my first year and have continued to learn over the past three years is that asking for help allows everyone to grow and create a better project, idea, essay, or community.


Angela Avonce

Angela (she/her/hers) is from Orlando, FL. She is majoring in Global Affairs and is earning a language certificate in Mandarin Chinese. Her academic background indicates an interest in the global dynamics regarding relations among the United States, China, and Latin America, and its implications on international security, human rights, and foreign policy. Angela took a gap year after high school to study abroad for 10 months in China, and has returned to China for 2 months the summer after her first year through Yale’s Light Fellowship. She loves learning languages, traveling, and meeting with new people. On campus Angela is involved in the Yale International Relations Association, having gone on research trips and academic conferences to Europe and Latin America (all through Yale funding!). Angela is also involved in the Model United Nations Team at Yale, Yale College Council’s Financial Aid Task Force, and DanceWorks. Angela is a First-Generation Low-Income (FGLI) student and is looking forward to sharing her experiences and getting to know the first year class! 


Angela’s $0.02: Navigating Yale can be confusing because there are so many resources available, you simply don’t know where to start. As a FGLI student I experienced impostor syndrome and was lost on what resources existed and which ones would be the best for me. During my first year I made it a priority to learn about and seek out a variety of resources in order to figure out which ones would be most helpful to me personally when I really needed support. For example, you should take the time to understand the difference between the JE writing tutor, the writing tutors at the Poorvu Center, and your personal librarian. All of these resources are excellent, but are more efficient to seek out during specific times, depending on what you need.


Denae Clowers

Denae (she/her/hers) refers to her hometown as “Atlanta-ish”, GA or Metro Atlanta. She is majoring in Economics, participating in the Education Studies program, and pursuing a Spanish Language Certificate. Denae has served as a Peer Liaison for the Afro-American Cultural Center and an Intramural Sports Secretary for JE. She is a tax preparer with the Volunteer Income Tax Association and a member of the Finance Committee for the Black Solidarity Conference. Denae enjoys watching “trash television”, going for walks, and having random conversations. She is so excited to meet the Class of 2025!!

Denae’s $0.02: Your time at Yale is a journey. You don’t need to start out knowing where it will lead or the path you’ll take. Figuring out where you’re going and how you will get there is a part of the process. There are many people here to help you along the way. Also, remember to enjoy the moments, big and small.


Liz Hopkinson

Hi there! I’m Liz (she/her), and I’m from Westborough, Massachusetts. Officially, I’m an Environmental Studies major, but I’ve taken classes in everything from African history to poetry writing to Russian literature. I’m also a born-again pre-med, so catch me taking orgo as a senior this year. Outside of class, I write and edit for the Yale Daily News, lead backpacking trips with FOOT, teach sex education in New Haven high schools, and work for the Yale Program for Climate Change Communication. I’m so excited to be serving as a JE Froco, and I can’t wait to welcome you all to Yale’s very best residential college!

Liz’s $0.02: The best piece of advice I received as a first-year is that there is no one right way to do Yale. Keep a curious mind, take risks, and let your enthusiasm be your guide. Oh, and also, life is always better on eight hours of sleep. 


Nadean Alnajjar

Nadean (she/her) is a proud New Yorker from Brooklyn majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (although she is flirting with the idea of getting a certificate in Arabic… she’ll see). At Yale, she has involved herself heavily with the Chaplain’s Office, as a Chaplaincy Fellow, a Chaplain’s Office Peer Liaison, and a board member for the Muslim Students Association. This is because the Chaplain’s Office, second to JE, is the best space at Yale! She also was involved with two papers at Yale: the Yale Historical Review, and the outreach board of the Yale Scientific Magazine. Since she’s pre-med, lately she’s been spending nearly all of her waking moments in the Keith Choate lab at the Yale School of Medicine, where she is investigating a novel signaling pathway underlying skin and liver venous malformations. If she ever is missing from her suite, there’s a 9/10 chance she’s in the lab. If Nadean’s not there, you might have to catch a bus to Branford (the town), and spot her volunteering at Connecticut Hospice! This summer, she’ll be spending two months volunteering at the Saudi German Hospital in Sana’a, Yemen (and hopefully improve her Arabic while doing so). 

In JE, you’re likely to find Nadean some nights in the dining hall chatting up the staff, as she is a student manager there! (Before she used to be a buttery worker – JE has the best buttery BY FAR). When she’s not doing that, Nadean LOVES to bake, so catch her using the JE student kitchen (ask her what she baked when she was living off-campus and had access to a kitchen 24/7:))! She also likes to watch snobby Oscar-nominated movies and go on late-night sporadic adventures with friends. She’s so excited to welcome the Class of 2025! JE SUX <3

Nadean’s $0.02: It’s perfectly okay to not have your major, your extracurriculars, or your friend group figured out in your first year! These things, especially the latter two, are always in flux: a lot of the time these issues aren’t stabilized until the end of your sophomore or even junior year. The point being: it might be a bumpy ride, so embrace it! We’ve all been there, and we learn a lot about ourselves along the way.”


Nickolina Doran

Nickolina (she/her/hers) is from Southington, CT - a town just 30 minutes outside New Haven. She studies biomedical engineering and is pursuing a certificate in Spanish. Coming off a gap year where Nickolina spent her time studying the human microbiome in a genomics lab, she is excited to jump back into research at Yale. Outside of academics, she plays on the club lacrosse team and is a member of Yale Chi Alpha, one of the Christian groups on campus. She also spends time tutoring at New Haven Reads and working as a JE College Aide. In her free time, Nickolina loves hiking, watching literally any reality TV show, and spending time with friends simply chatting. As a big lover of good food, Nickolina grew up a die hard Pepe’s pizza fan, but she is always down to explore New Haven’s rich and diverse spread of restaurants. She is so excited to meet the first-years and watch them fall in love with life at Yale just as she did. 

Nickolina’s $0.02: Do not be afraid to ask for help - there is never shame in that! You are capable and talented, and I know that you have worked hard to get to Yale, but that does not mean you need to do it alone. When you feel stressed or overwhelmed or simply don’t know what to do, you have a team of people in your corner, fighting for you. Reach out to your FroCo, your Dean or HoC, your PL - we all want you to have the best year possible, and I know from experience that it can’t be done alone. Asking for help will simply give you more time to take care of yourself and cherish every moment you have at Yale. 


Nicole Jefferson

Nicole Jefferson (she/her/hers) is proud to call Los Angeles, California her home city. She is a political science and African American studies double major. 

Outside of the classroom, she has spent her time on campus involved with the Afro-American Cultural Center as a peer liaison in her sophomore and junior years and with the Good Life Center as a member of the student advisory board. She is drawn to healing practices and community building efforts that center Black joy. She also has written for Broad Recognition, an intersectional feminist publication that seeks to uplift the voices of Black and Indigenous voices. Additionally, she is very active with the Yale College Democrats and serves as the voter engagement coordinator helping to strengthen voting infrastructure at Yale. She loves the JE community and has enjoyed getting to work in the buttery, firmly believes the upper-taft library is underrated, and loves to brag about JE’s spring tulips in the courtyard. When she’s not doing any of those things you can find her doing yoga, going on walks with friends, listening to any and all kinds of music, or getting iced lattes at her favorite coffee shop in New Haven, Willoughby’s! She is excited to get to know the class of 2025!

Nicole’s $0.02: Take lots of pictures! I know it may sound obvious, but these four years go by so quickly and it’s easy to let the little moments slip away. During the pandemic, I was missing my friends from campus and looking through my camera roll and realized most of my pictures were from big events like the JE formal or Harvard-Yale game. While those events are super fun, you should take pictures of the more mundane moments too — you and your friends at the dining halls, a building glowing in the sun, the first snowfall! Document everything!


Sean Callahan

Sean was born in San Francisco, California but grew up in the beautiful beach town of Kailua, Hawaii. He is a Global Affairs major concentrating in international security matters, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region. Sean also enjoys learning about a variety of other topics such as cosmology, quantum physics, and cognitive science so feel free to chat him up about anything interesting you are studying! After college, Sean is considering pursuing a career in public policy or government service. On campus, Sean helps to direct the Yale Leadership Institute, coordinated the illustrious JE Intramurals program for the past couple years, and edits for the Yale Globalist. In his free time, Sean enjoys hanging out with his wonderful fraternity and incredible society, watching Yale and professional sports with friends, and traveling to fun and unique places. Sean can’t wait to meet the class of 2025 and help to make their time at Yale the best it can be!

Sean’s $0.02: Academics always come first but make time to have fun. The people and social opportunities at Yale are incredible and while it can be daunting to put yourself out there, it’s worth it and you’ll have a ton of fun no matter what. After your four years here, you’ll remember the people you met and the fun times you had above anything else.