Tetelman Lectures

The Tetelman Fellowship was endowed in 1979 by Damon Wells ‘58 to honor the memory of his classmate Alan S. Tetelman ‘58, ‘61PhD, a distinguished researcher who was killed in a plane crash in 1978. Gary Haller, the Becton Professor of Engineering and Applied Science and the master of Jonathan Edwards College, the Fellowship’s home base, describes the role of the Tetelman as a forum for “eminent scientists and engineers who can convey an understanding of their field to a lay audience.” Tetelman Fellows have included such legendary researchers as James Watson, who shared a Nobel Prize as one of the codiscoverers of the double-helix structure of DNA; Carl Djerassi, chemist, author, and inventor of the first birth control pill; biochemist and head of the Carnegie Institution of Washington Maxine Singer ‘57PhD; and Nobel laureate physicists Murray Gell-Mann and Sheldon Glashow. (The program also makes room for non-scientists, such as Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun and His Holiness the Dalai Lama; both were invited to speak because of their interests in the social implications of science and technology.)

Tetelman Lecture Series

Elizabeth Kolbert

Sheri D. Sheppard

Robert Langer

Jennifer A. Doudna

Venki Ramakrishnan

Dame Alison F. Richard

Robert D. Ballard

Jay Keasling 

Bruce Alberts

Daniel S. Goldin

Sidney Altman

David M. Lee

Thomas A. Steitz


Tetelman Fellows

Sir Montague Finniston 1981

Donald Kennedy 1982

Paul MacCready 1983

Richard Garwin 1984

Maxime Singer 1985

Victor Weisskopf 1985

Herbert Simon 1985

Matthew Meselson 1986

Lance Hidy 1986

Walter Gilbert 1986

Sandra Faber 1987

Tuzo Wilson 1987

Roald Hoffman 1988

Murray Gell-Mann 1989

James Watson 1989

Sir Roger Bannister 1990

Justice Harry Blackmun 1990

The Honorable Louis Sullivan 1990

D. Allan Bromley 1991

His Holiness the Dalai Lama 1991

David Baltimore 1992

Gertrude Elion 1992

Philip Morrison 1992

Oliver Sacks 1993

Carl Djerassi 1994

Leon Lederman 1994

Philip Sharp 1994

Joseph Allen 1995

Amartya Sen 1995

Benjamin Carson 1996

Jeffery Hoffman 1996

Sir John Meurig Thomas 1997

Shirley Tilghman 1997

Harold Varmus 1997

Sheldon Lee Glashow 1998

Henry Petroski 1998

Jerome Lettvin 1999

Sylvia T. Ceyer 2000

Louis Paul Latour 2000

Roger Blandford 2001

Sydney Brenner 2001

Alexander Pines 2001

Jane A. Plant 2001

Mark David 2002

Roberta Lynn Bondar 2003

Lt. Col. Catherine G. Coleman 2003

Anna L. Fisher 2003

Janet Lynn Kavandi 2003

Cathleen S. Lewis 2003

Valentina Ponomareva 2003

Margaret Rhea Seddon 2003

Harold Jaffe 2004

Robert Schlögl 2004

Michael Hawley 2005

Naomi Pierce 2005

Douglas Futuyma 2006

Steve Chu 2007

John B. Fenn 2007

Laurence Barron 2008

Raffaello D’Andrea 2008

Max Dean 2008

Robert Marc Friedman 2009

Andrew D. Hamilton 2009

David M. Lee 2010

Thomas Steitz 2010

Carl Wieman 2010

Sidney Altman 2011

Daniel S. Goldin 2011

Bruce Alberts 2012

Jay Keasling 2012

Robert D. Ballard 2012

Alison F. Richard 2014

Venki Ramakrishnan 2014

Jennifer Doudna 2016

Robert Langer 2017

Sheri D. Sheppard 2018

Elizabeth Kolbert 2023