JE Grants and Funding


Overview of information addressed on this page:

  • All undergraduates may apply for funds for Creative & performing Arts three times each academic year (up to $1200) in September, January and April.
  • Richter Summer Scholarship Funds, mostly for juniors but others may apply (up to $1,000)
  • Mellon Grants for Research during the year, mainly for juniors and seniors (up to $500)
  • Bates Summer Travel Fellowships for Juniors:  (whatever budget requires)

The applications for these can be accessed at the Council of the Heads of College website:

Or for the Bates Fellowships at:

For international experiences of course  students should see:

For All Undergraduates:
Creative and Performing Arts (CPA) Awards (previously known as the Sudler Awards)
Maximum Grant  $1,200
Eligible:  Anyone
How:  Visit Center For International and Professional Experience - and Council of the Heads of College Awards -

Richter Summer Scholarship Funds
Maximum Grant  $1,000
Eligible:  Primarily juniors but other may apply

A Richter Summer Fellowship is awarded for independent study and research, not for mere travel, work or enrollment in a school. An internship is a valid use only if the primary component is study or research, being part of a research team is a valid use. The maximum Richter awards is $1,000. Awards are reported to the IRS as taxable income. Awardees must disclose the amount of any other funding supporting the proposed project. Richter Fellowships are ordinarily awarded to juniors, but freshmen, sophomores are eligible. Recipients must promptly consult with the Head of College if significant changes occur in their project.

For Juniors:
Summer Research Fellowships for Juniors (Bates, et al.)
Maximum Grant:  As much as the Budget shows is needed to live and travel simply but safely and to do the research in a safe and appropriate fashion
Application information available at -

The Bates (et al.) are amazing summer research MERIT independent study fellowships for Juniors who are interested in spending a summer traveling abroad and doing independent  research.  You should think NOW about formulating a worthy project. 

Application requires a thoughtful project (which often grows out of work previously done) and a recommendation about the worthiness of the project from a Yale faculty member. Many who receive these funds intend to go on to do a senior essay, substantive senior paper, or senior project.  The funds cannot be used for language  or other formal “programs.” but are designed for independent research.

For Juniors and Seniors:
Senior Mellon Grants 
The Mellon Senior Forums and Undergraduate Research Awards

This fellowship program will award up to $500 for related research expenses to conduct research for a Senior Thesis/Project.  The research must take place during the academic year and awardees are required to present the results of their research to the Senior Forum (Paskus-Mellon).

To help us get the Paskus-Mellon Forum talks scheduled, please plan ahead and set a date for your presentation if you are even considering  applying for the Fall round of grants.  Even if you do not win a grant, the Paskus-Mellon Forum is an excellent way to hone your subject and share your interests with your peers. To schedule a Paskus-Mellon talk, please contact JE Resident Fellow and Forum Coordinator Liz Quercia (

Applications for the research award must include the approval of a faculty advisor who will supervise the research project.  Please visit the Student Grants Database to secure a copy of the application.

A Word about Spring Trips
A number of you have been coming to see me to ask for support for spring Reach Out and other trips.  I have had to inform you regrettably that JE has no funds for these trips and I think it unlikely that other colleges do either.  The University endowments are almost universally for summer fellowships and Yale has these in impressive numbers, especially for juniors, but for others as well. (Explore thoroughly!) Yale also has other opportunities (internships; travel through Summer Session to learn language) available to all students, with help for those on financial aid from Yale ISA stipends and also other wonderful domestic opportunities (Bulldog programs; Presidential Service Fellowships in New Haven).