JE Statement of Principle



This statement asks each member of the Jonathan Edwards College community to keep in mind two basic principles: 

  • As members of a community, we should respect and consider every individual’s rights, needs, and properties.
  • For the most part, the facilities and equipment of Jonathan Edwards College have been provided and maintained through student initiative as well as student-administered funds. To ensure further improvements for JE, we must take care of our facilities and prevent any needless damages. 

Honor Statement:

As members of Jonathan Edwards College, we acknowledge our individuality and responsibility to each other in order to maintain an atmosphere of mutual regard that permits personal freedom. Respect accompanied by consideration and concern for each other allows JE to maintain the spirit and enthusiasm that distinguishes us among colleges at Yale. The members of JE, past and present, have worked hard to provide the facilities and atmosphere which we have today: our facilities represent the products of our peers’ efforts. They are a part of the college and should be respected both for their value as assets and for the time and energy invested into their establishment. We as contributing members of JE have the responsibility to shape and to strengthen our residential college life which constitutes such an important part of our time at Yale.