Fellows of Jonathan Edwards

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Frank van den Bosch


Professor of Astronomy


Kyle Vanderlick


Thomas E. Golden, Jr. Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering


Karen von Kunes


Karen von Kunes, a faculty member in the Slavic Department, is in charge of all levels of Czech language teaching, and courses in English on Milos Forman’s films and Milan Kundera’s novels. Her Yale Summer Session program “Prague Film and Fiction in Kafka’s Spirit” attracts students not only from JE and other Yale residential colleges but also from Yale-NUS (and even Oxford, Harvard, and Brown) and includes an introduction to Holocaust, Prague history and culture, basics of filmmaking and travels across Central Europe (former Austria-Hungary). Dr. von Kunes enjoys talking with students about languages, literature, cultures, creative writing, screenwriting, and current trends in global immigration, which is one of the themes of her novel Among the Sinners. In addition, she has developed a keen interest in Singaporean culture, literature and economy during her teaching at Yale-NUS in 2015, and would enjoy having lunch with students from Singapore and other parts of Asia. karen.vonkunes@yale.edu