Fellows of Jonathan Edwards

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David Paltiel


David Paltiel is a Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the School of Public Health. He also holds an appointment as Professor at the School of Management. Trained in the field of Operations Research, his research focuses on the design of mathematical models and cost-effectiveness analyses to monitor and evaluate public health policies. He would be delighted to speak with students interested in global health. Born and raised in Canada, he is also happy to meet students who share his obsession with hockey, skiing, and whitewater paddling.  david.paltiel@yale.edu

LT Josh Parsons


LT Josh Parsons is originally from Chicago, IL where, in 2001, Josh enlisted in the Navy. After a three year enlisted career, Josh entered into the Naval Academy class of 2007. Josh’s degree is a BS in English with an Arabic minor. After graduating, he began flight school where he learned how to fly multi-engine aircraft. His first duty station was in Jacksonville, FL to fly the P-3C Orion. Josh has operated in almost every continent and participated in many different missions during his Navy career. At Yale he teaches Naval Science and lives in Wooster Square. joshua.parsons@yale.edu

Penelope Laurans


Penelope Laurans was the Master of Jonathan Edwards College from 2009-2016 and is currently senior advisor to the dean of Admissions, the dean of Yale College and the office of the President. She started teaching in the departments of English and Literature in the 1970s, was the DUS in the Literature Major, and continued to teach her signature course in Versification, and other courses, while holding a series of senior administrative roles in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, at The Yale Review as associate editor and editor, and in Yale College. For nearly two decades she was special assistant to President Richard Levin. She had a leading role on the Committee on Yale College Education, was the principal author of several of the University’s accreditations, led the academic program for the Yale Tercentennial, and was vice chair of both study reports on the new residential colleges. For 25-years she represented Yale as the NCAA Faculty Representative and was a member of the Faculty Committee on Athletics, acting as its chair in 2015. She has been heavily involved in the arts and the administration of the arts at Yale, particularly music, was long an adviser to the Opera Theater of Yale College, writes Notes on Yale History to members of the University community, and continues to advise many Yale undergraduates around campus.

Elaine Piraino–Holevoet


Elaine Piraino–Holevoet, JE’75 and parent of Dan JE’07, has a special interest in speaking with students who would like to find out more about life in the City beyond Yale, particularly those who share her interest in environmental activism. She has lived in downtown New Haven since graduation and works with her husband in their graphic design firm — PIROET. For years an active volunteer in the community, she has also maintained strong ties to Yale as a volunteer on the Yale Alumni Schools Committee and as a vice president of the Yale Club of New Haven. You can read more at her blog: ontheroadtogreenness. Elaine would gladly meet for lunch, most any day. elaine@piroet.com

Leon Plantinga


Leon Plantinga, professor of music (emeritus) is a music historian who joined the Yale faculty in 1963, and became a fellow at JE one year later. He still teaches about one course a year, usually a seminar for the Humanities major, cross-listed with the Music Department. His publications are mainly on European music of the late 18th and the 19th centuries, with a particular interest in the place of music in intellectual history. Teaching Yale undergraduates has always been just about his favorite activity; in second place is playing tennis. He would welcome further contacts with students. leon.plantinga@yale.edu

Mike Printy


Michael Printy (JE ‘94) is the Librarian for Western European Humanities at Yale. At the library, he focuses on collection development in French, German, Italian, and European History, and on assisting faculty and students with research. He is also a historian specializing in European Intellectual History, especially the Enlightenment and religion in Germany. In addition to a B.A. from Yale he has a Ph.D. in History from U.C. Berkeley. He has spent several years in Germany, first as a Fulbright scholar right after graduating from Yale, and then later for subsequent research stays.  As an undergraduate, Sterling Memorial Library was one of his favorite places (alongside the 7th floor of Payne-Whitney), and he is pleased to have an office there now surrounded by over 4 million books! He is quite happy to talk to students about any aspect of the library, European history, or about studying in Europe. Email: Michael.printy@yale.edu

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