Fellows of Jonathan Edwards

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K. David Jackson


K. David Jackson, Professor of Portuguese, has a special interest in speaking with students who would like to know more about Brazil, Portugal, the Lusophone world and literature in Portuguese. He has worked closely with the Sao Paulo concrete poets, studied with Portuguese poet Jorge de Sena. In addition to Brazil and Portugal, he has had the opportunity to do research and travel in Goa, Sri Lanka, Malacca & Macau. His work includes cultural contacts, Creole music and verse as well as major writers such as Pessoa, Camoes, Machado de Assis, and the Brazilian modernists. He is a cellist and interested in music, literature, ethnomusicology and chamber music performance. k.jackson@yale.edu

Tom Jasinski


Tom (JE ’78) is currently an Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) with the Office of Cooperative Research working with faculty innovators and the Yale Accelerator for Innovation Development (Y-AID) to advance early stage ventures.  Previously he was an EIR with the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, forerunner of the Tsai CITY program, where he mentored a wide variety of student innovators and startup teams.  Once upon a time, he was also one of the original JE Sux, the most powerful dynasty in the history of Yale intramural ice hockey.  Today, he is delighted to talk with students interested in: their innovations, entrepreneurship and startup life; careers in consumer branding, international marketing and media; and the true value of a liberal arts education.


Jennifer Julier


Jennifer Julier, JE ’77 and an Assistant Director for Yale College Classes at the Association for Yale Alumni, working on reunion planning for Yale College classes, would be happy to talk to any student interested in a career in alumni relations or eager to explore how to stay connected to Yale after—gasp!—graduation. Also, she has a 1911 Steinway B at her home in Hamden and welcomes serious pianists in J.E. to contact her about arranging occasional practice times. She earned a Masters from Columbia in Library Science and worked in the field of rare books and manuscripts, later broadening her activities to free–lance editing, writing and genealogical research. For twelve years she was the volunteer chairman coordinating alumni interviews of local students applying to Yale. Jennifer.julier@yale.edu