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Deborah Rose


I call myself a “Synergist” - one who cooperates with others to produce an enhanced effect in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I wish I had invented the term, but Merriam - Webster says otherwise.

During my career as a US Public Health Service Officer developing and analyzing the data for national health statistics, there were times when I perceived a problem and solved it before others were aware there even was a problem.  Properly merging data keypunched for a mainframe operating system with bits and bytes entered on that new-fangled invention, the microcomputer laptop, was a feat that only the US Census Bureau appreciated right away.

I retain the Chilean accent I acquired during a summer homestay in the seaside town of Constitución, Chile, before returning to the US for my senior year in high school.  

During a field pretest, I developed a new committee approach to the Spanish translation of national interview surveys, which was more culturally sensitive than the one produced by some guy sitting in his office with a dictionary. 

That was my first immersion in a developing country, where I learned that culture is multi-dimensional, and that calling something a “low resource environment” may not be valid.  To wit:  although my host mother lacked an electric washing machine, for fashion she looked to Paris, not New York and she home-schooled her three children in English while earning her master’s degree English linguistics.  She left Chile for England and America, and eventually retired as a professor of Spanish linguistics at a California University.

These experiences helped me enter the arena of sustainable development where we are bringing at least one cutting-edge computer learning center to each of the 16 regions of Ghana.  I work with a pair of Ghanaian partners who are among my closest friends, Medaase Paa!  My Fante is nowhere as fluent as my Spanish, but hope springs eternal.  You are welcome to contact me to discuss either of these cultures in more depth.

Through time and change, JE has served as the home base for my civil engineer dad, BE 1944; me, a Yale “First Woman” sophomore transfer to Yale College; my husband, a Yale biophysicist; and our daughter, JE 2017.

Deborah Rose, BA 1972, MPH 1977, SM 1975, PhD 1989, USPH CDR, Ret., QM.

Susan Rose-Ackerman


Henry R. Luce Professor Emeritus of Law and Professor Emeritus of Political Science


Constance L. Royster


Constance L. Royster is the principal of Laurel Associates LLC. She is a recognized fundraising, education, non-profit, and organizational leader. Ms. Royster served as the first ever director of major giving for WSHU National Public Radio station in Connecticut, and subsequently at Yale University, her alma mater, as associate director of development at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, and then as director of development at the Yale Divinity School. Ms. Royster came to nonprofit work after a successful career as a lawyer, and is deeply committed to civic responsibility. She has been entrusted with leadership positions at numerous local, national, and international organizations. In addition to Open Communities Alliance, the Community Foundation of Greater New Haven’s Fund for Women and Girls, Federal Bar Council, Yale Alumni Fund, International Festival of Arts & Ideas, and Dwight Hall at Yale –The Center for Public Service and Social Justice are but a few of the boards that have benefited from her wisdom. Beyond her impressive career accomplishments, Ms. Royster brings to OCA her family’s deep civil rights legacy. Her aunt, Constance Baker Motley, was the first black female federal judge, and participated in drafting the complaint in Brown v. Board of Education. Ms. Royster and her extended family remain committed supporters of civil rights and social justice issues. Born and raised in New Haven, CT, Ms. Royster is a Fellow of Jonathan Edwards College at Yale. She received her juris doctor from Rutgers University Law School – Newark, and graduated with a B.A. cum laude from Yale University.

Mark Ryan


Mark Ryan was Dean of JE from 1976 through 1996, making him the second longest-serving officer in the College’s history. After leaving that post, he joined the faculty of the Universidad de las Américas in Puebla, Mexico, where he helped establish the first residential college system in Latin America. He is the author of A Collegiate Way of Living: Residential Colleges and a Yale Education and currently serves as Chair of the Jonathan Edwards Trust. He would be pleased to talk to students about any aspect of residential college life, and also about life in his hometown of Houston, where he now lives with his wife Ginger Clarkson. mark.ryan@aya.yale.edu

Dr. Lourdes Sabé


From Barcelona, Spain, she received her Teaching Degree and B.A. in Social Sciences from the Universitat de Barcelona. While finishing her studies there, she was awarded an Erasmus scholarship to study in Toulouse-Le Mirail, France. She has taught a range of language courses at Yale since 1994, and directed the Elementary Spanish course from 1999 to 2008. She completed her M.A in Spanish from S.C.S.U. in New Haven, CT, and her doctorate in Modern Languages at Middlebury College, VT, where her disertation was entitled “A New Feminine Vision in the Rural Short Stories of Emilia Pardo Bazán.” Her academic focus is nineteenth century Spanish Literature, and Wromen Writers of Spain. Also, she has been trained as an examiner in the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview System, and is interested in second language acquisition techniques. She does translation and interpretation work in English, Spanish, and Catalan. lourdes.sabe@yale.edu

Wilhelm Schlag


Professor of Mathematics


Michael Schmertzler


Professor (Adjunct) at the School of Management; Lecturer in Economics


Peter Schulam


Professor of Urology


Tom Sellar


Tom Sellar, an arts writer, journal editor, and performance curator, is Professor of Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism at Yale School of Drama. He is also Editor of Theater magazine, Yale’s international performance journal, and a frequent contributor to the Village Voice, the New York Times and other publications. Tom regularly attends all kinds of performances in New Haven, New York, and around the globe, and is always keen to hear about—or recommend—interesting events. A proud resident of Brooklyn, he is a frequent and enthusiastic traveler and enjoys meeting JE students from all parts of the world. thomas.sellar@yale.edu

Michael Sernyak


Professor of Psychiatry