Fellows of Jonathan Edwards

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JE College

Jessica Fenner


Jessica Fenner, MSW, is Associate Director of Reunion Giving at Yale University. In her role at Yale, Jessica oversees three reunion gift campaigns, which provide essential endowment and current use support for the university. Prior to working at Yale, Jessica was the Director of Reunion Giving at The Loomis Chaffee School. Jessica began her career in fundraising as the Deputy Finance Director for US Senator Christopher Murphy’s successful 2010 Congressional Campaign. She is happy to speak with students interested in working in politics or the non-profit sector.  She resides in Branford and enjoys her time by the shore. 

Ayaska Fernando


Ayaska Fernando, JE ’08, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Director of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Recruitment, would like to speak with students who wonder about pursuing something quite different to their major area of study at Yale post-graduation. He was a Mechanical Engineering (ABET) major while at Yale, spent his junior year summer on Wall Street at Bear Stearns, and is now in his 6th year at Yale Admissions. Students often wonder why they were admitted to Yale – Ayaska is happy to talk about admissions and the considerations that go into these decisions. Ayaska is a JE resident fellow and you will see him in the dining hall or at IM Waterpolo/Badminton in case you want to introduce yourself before writing an email. ayaska.fernando@yale.edu

Eugene R. Fidell


Eugene R. Fidell is a Senior Research Scholar and Visiting Lecturer at the Law School. He attended public schools in New York City and graduated from Queens College (1965, Philosophy) and Harvard Law School (1968). After law school he served in the U.S. Coast Guard, then practiced law in Washington, D.C. He began teaching at Yale in 1993 as an adjunct faculty member, and became a full-time lecturer in 2009. His main field of scholarly interest is military justice, but he also teaches courses on Guantanamo, Federal Indian Law, and American Indian Tribal Law, among other subjects. He is married to Linda Greenhouse, who also teaches at the Law School. Their daughter, Hannah Fidell, is a filmmaker. eugene.fidell@yale.edu

David Florin


David Florin is Deputy General Counsel for Health Affairs. He has worked for the Public Defender Service in the District of Columbia, was a partner in three major law firms in Washington, D.C., has been active in the public service community and has served on the boards of several non-profit organizations. Although David has specialized in health care law, he has been involved in many other specialty areas over a long and varied legal career. He has also traveled extensively throughout the world and currently volunteers his time as a member of the National Ski Patrol. He would be delighted to meet with and talk with any student who might be interested in law, travel, the non-profit world, skiing or any other topic of mutual interest. david.florin@yale.edu

Lisa Ford


Lisa Ford is the Assistant Director of Research at the Yale Center for British Art, and a Tudor historian who specializes in court politics and administration, with a secondary field in 18th Century cultural history as it relates to the professionalization of natural history and networks of exchange. She also runs the Yale-in-London study abroad program, and studied abroad herself, doing her PhD at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Lisa teaches college seminars on British Queenship, Early Modern propaganda and Fictionalizing History. Her current research focuses on political iconography, with particular reference to the visual and material use of the insignia of the Order of the Garter. She has also served as a sophomore advisor and senior essay advisor to students in the history and history of art majors. She’s very happy to chat with students about any of those subjects. lisa.ford@yale.edu

Michael Friedmann


Michael Friedmann, professor (adj.) of Music in the school and department of music, has found his niche in relating music theory and analysis to performance. He would be glad to chat with students about finding the right space for music in their lives, and even about engaging in dubious battle and entering the music profession as composer, performer, academic or critic. Warning: he is an unabashed admirer of Arnold Schoenberg, and of forgotten representatives of “modernist” music who plied their craft in the last century. He also loves to talk about baseball, but NOT with Yankee fans. michael.friedmann@yale.edu

Wendy Gilbert


Wendy Gilbert is excited to join the Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry at Yale, coming from her previous post as an Associate Professor of Biology at MIT. Her love affair with molecular biology in general, and RNA in particular, began at Princeton, when she was an undergraduate studying alternative pre-mRNA splicing in Paul Schedl’s lab. She earned her PhD at UCSF with Christine Guthrie, studying mRNA export and being fascinated by the exquisite mechanisms that couple export-competence to completion of RNA processing. As a postdoc in Jennifer Doudna’s lab at UC Berkeley, she studied mechanisms and regulation of translation initiation. Since starting her own lab in 2008, Wendy has continued to study the features of mRNAs that control protein production. Research in Wendy’s laboratory is unified by her interest in RNA-dependent regulatory mechanisms and currently includes investigations of translation efficiency determinants, alternative 5′ UTRs, ribosomes, snoRNAs, and regulated RNA modifications. She was the inaugural winner of the RNA Society’s Early Career Award in 2017.

Barbara Goddard


Basha served as Sr. Administrative Assistant to five Masters and as the Administrator of Jonathan Edwards College from 1980-2005.  She coordinated the Tetelman Fellowship from its inception and loved working with students, Fellows, staff and whoever else in creating events for the benefit of all in the greater community.  She traveled with the Yale Symphony to far away lands, and especially enjoyed planning recitals (and an occasional opera), extending JE’s fine tradition in the arts.  ”It was a great ride,” and when her second granddaughter was born on her 65th birthday, she moved to Berkeley to help and enjoy yet another of life’s beautiful experiences.  She misses the Yale scene and is available to chat with students at any time. 


Linda Greenhouse


Linda Greenhouse teaches at the Law School, where she is the Joseph Goldstein Fellow in Law and Knight Distinguished Journalist in Residence. For 30 years before coming (back to) Yale in 2009, she was based in Washington as the New York Times Supreme Court correspondent. She won several major awards during her journalism career, including a Pulitzer Prize for her coverage of the Court. At the Law School, she teaches courses related to the Supreme Court. She writes a biweekly opinion column on law for the Times web site. She is a graduate of Harvard and received a master's degree from Yale Law School in 1978. She grew up in Hamden and now lives in downtown New Haven with her husband, Eugene Fidell, also a J.E. fellow who teaches at the Law School. Their daughter, Hannah Fidell, is a filmmaker in Los Angeles.
email linda.greenhouse@yale.edu office phone (203) 432-2514