Fellows of Jonathan Edwards

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Andre Levchenko


John C. Malone Professor of Biomedical Engineering


Murph Levin


Murph Levin, JE ’66 is a financial advisor with Morgan Stanley in NYC. After Yale, he got his MBA from Harvard (’68) and spent 37 years at a number of Wall Street firms in sales and management. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley in early 2011, he spent four years on the development staff of Environmental Defense Fund. He would be pleased to meet with – and hope to be a resource for - students contemplating a career in finance. murph.levin@morganstanley.com

Andrew C. Lipka


Andrew C. Lipka MD, ‘78 JE, is an ophthalmologist in private practice in Princeton, NJ, the ophthalmology department head for many years at University Medical Center at Princeton, a member of the Yale Ophthalmology Society, a clinical professor at Rutgers Medical School, and a leader of many Yale Alumni programs.  He enjoys speaking with and mentoring members of the JE community on the life of a doctor, medical school admissions, and the many ways that one’s Yale experience can continue, meaningfully, as a Yale alum.  Andy leads the Yale for Life program, wherein alumni (and their spouses, and Yale parents) return to live at Yale for a week in the summer for intensive, seminar-based courses with leading Yale faculty.  He founded the Princeton campus of Yale Alumni College, where seminars are provided in communities beyond New Haven for Yale alumni, and serves on the overall YACOL Board.  He directs the local Yale Alumni Schools Committee, leads the Yale Club of Princeton, served on the JE Reunion Committee, is a principal organizer and panelist of the Humanities in Action Conference at Yale each November, is an AYA delegate, a mentor in the AYA mentorship program, and much more.  He treasures his interactions and friendships with all members of the Yale Community.  andrew.lipka@gmail.com

Mae-ling Lokko


Mae-ling Lokko is an Assistant Professor at Yale School of Architecture and research faculty at Yale’s Center for Ecosystems in Architecture. Her research focuses on ecological design, integrated material life cycle design and the broad development and evaluation of renewable biobased materials. Lokko is the founder of Willow Technologies, Ltd. based in Accra, Ghana that upcycles agrowaste into affordable biobased building materials and for water quality treatment applications. 

Theodore Long


Theodore Long, MD (JE 06) is an Assistant Professor (Adjunct) of Internal Medicine. He recently completed my residency training in Internal Medicine, and is an Attending on the Generalist team at Yale-New Haven Hospital. While at Yale as an undergraduate, he founded the Yale Journal of Medicine and Law and created a health policy major. He has maintained a strong interest in health policy, and currently investigate clinical research that is applicable to health policy. You can reach him at theodore.long@yale.edu.

Charles Long


Charles Long has been a Fellow of Jonathan Edwards since the fall of 1966, when he was appointed to the faculty of the English Department. He is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Rutgers University, and he earned a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of California at Berkeley, where he was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow.  After a number of years on the full-time faculty he moved to the Yale College Dean’s Office where he became Dean of Academic Affairs. In 1983 he was appointed to the Provost’s Office, where he eventually became Deputy Provost of the University. During his many years in the Provost’s Office, his responsibilities included all of the humanities and most of the social science departments and nearly all of non-medical professional schools, including Law and Management. His also had oversight responsibility for the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies, the Institution for Social and Policy Studies, the World Fellow’s Program, and the Center for the Study of Globalization. He was the coordinator and often author of some of the University’s core academic policies, including the Faculty Handbook, and he was deeply engaged in senior faculty recruitment across the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.  He retired from Yale in June of 2010, but has remained active in an informal consulting capacity.


Mary Jo Lubrano


Mary Jo Lubrano is the associate director at the Center for Language Study (CLS) where she is responsible for professional development of language faculty and graduate students. Prior to Yale, she taught English at the University of Perugia in Italy and served as language testing specialist at the Italian Ministry of Defense for over 23 years. She is a certified trainer and oral proficiency tester for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) and for the Bureau of International Language Coordination, NATO’s advisory agency in language education. With a background in Applied Linguistics and Language Assessment, her publications and research interest focus on the validation of high stakes proficiency testing and multilingual education. Her most recent publication is an edited volume on 21st century multilingualism with Cambridge Scholars.