Fellowships and Awards

Yale Council of the Heads of College

To learn about the awards given by the council of the heads of college, visit the Council of the Heads of College website or go directly to the Richter Scholarship Award and the Sudler Performing Arts Fund, here, for a list of all appropriate forms.

Student Grants and Fellowships

There are fellowships and opportunities available mainly for summer and for arts awards and small awards for research during the year.

Please note that any donations to Yale clubs, groups or organizations will be not money but “In Kind” - meaning usually the use of our guest suite when it is available or occasionally some other facilities and meal options. We cannot give money!

To learn about grants and fellowships offered at Yale, visit the Yale Grants & Fellowships website.

Paul K. and Evalyn Elizabeth Cook Richter Scholarship Fund

A Richter Summer Fellowship is awarded for independent study and research, not for mere travel, work or enrollment in a school. An internship is a valid use only if the primary component is study or research, being part of a research team is a valid use. The maximum Richter awards is $1,000. Awards are reported to the IRS as taxable income. Awardees must disclose the amount of any other funding supporting the proposed project. Richter Fellowships are ordinarily awarded to juniors, but freshmen, sophomores and graduate affiliates are eligible. Seniors are not eligible. Recipients must promptly consult with the Master if significant changes occur in their project.

Creative & Performing Arts (CPA) Award

The Creative and Performing Arts (CPA) Awards support on-campus dramatic, musical, dance, video or film productions, literary publications, and exhibitions in each residential college.

Mellon Educational Programs

For educational programs in the residential colleges, including teaching in the colleges, Mellon Senior Forums and Undergraduate Research Grants.

Each college should have a formal application process to select undergraduates for research awards. Each college determines its own schedule for accepting applications. Research must take place during the academic year and awardees must present the results of their research either to the Senior Forum or to another educational forum in the college. It is also important that each application for the research award include the approval of a faculty advisor who will supervise the research project.

Mellon Senior Forums and Undergraduate Research Awards

This fellowship program will award up to $500 for related travel expenses to conduct research for a Senior Thesis/Project or independent undergraduate research project.  The research must take place during the academic year.

Applications for the research award must include the approval of a faculty advisor who will supervise the research project.  Please contact Jill Haines to secure a copy of the application.