JE Private Party Registration Form

We want you to have fun, abide by rules – and stay safe.  If you intend to have a party for 20 or more, you must fill out this form!

By signing at the end, you agree to all the terms in this form.

A party must not at any time exceed a maximum limit of 50 people as stated in Undergraduate Regulations. It is the Head of College’s prerogative to set a lower maximum limit.  Sunday through Thursday nights, parties must end no later than 11 pm. Friday and Saturday nights, parties must end no later than 1 am. (It is the Head of College’s prerogative to declare certain nights as “party-free” due to the need for extended quiet hours.)

Party registration forms must be submitted during normal business hours in the Administrative Office by Thursday by noon, before the weekend or, if during a weekday, at least 24 hours prior to the party. After approval has been granted by the Head of College, a copy will be given to the Dean, and the Custodial Supervisor. The requesting student should also notify occupants of the entryway that a party will be taking place.

Cell phones must be in the ON position, be set on vibrate, and be carried by the host/s for the duration of the party.
If anyone arrives at the party inebriated, he or she should not be allowed into the party. No one, however, should be left inebriated and stranded –someone should accompany that person to ensure safety or call the police to see that the person is transported. Safety is the primary consideration: no one will be punished in such circumstances. We understand that the University Committee on Sexual Misconduct and the Executive Committee report that many issues that come before them come after abuse of alcohol. I/we have read and agree to abide by the rules and regulations outlined in the Undergraduate Regulations for Social Functions, and Regulations on alcoholic Beverages. I/we will be responsible for the orderly conduct and the prompt conclusion of the party and the immediate clean up after the party. I/we understand that we are responsible for the party, for the behavior and safety of our guests.
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