JE Scrapbook

  • JE freshmen hang holiday lights from Farnam
  • JE students partake in "Bar Night" revelry
  • JE Screw 2014 - "Blink One-Eighty-Screw"
  • JE students gather for the annual "Great Awakening"
  • Dean Spooner, Nicole and Master Laurans pose in their costumes on Halloween 2015
  • JE students swarm the buffet at SAC Food Night
  • JE Screw 2015 - "High School Screwsical"
  • JE's Class of 2015 gathers together one last time during Senior Week
  • JE Spider Ball 2015
  • JE FroCo Tyler Blackmon addresses the crowd as Hillary Clinton for Halloween 2015
  • Two JE students wrestle in sumo suits at "Great Awakening"
  • 2016 Master's Aides gather for brunch at the Graduate Club
February 1, 2016