Fellows of Jonathan Edwards

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Lisa Ford


Lisa Ford is the Assistant Director of Research at the Yale Center for British Art, and a Tudor historian who specializes in court politics and administration, with a secondary field in 18th Century cultural history as it relates to the professionalization of natural history and networks of exchange. She also runs the Yale-in-London study abroad program, and studied abroad herself, doing her PhD at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Lisa teaches college seminars on British Queenship, Early Modern propaganda and Fictionalizing History. Her current research focuses on political iconography, with particular reference to the visual and material use of the insignia of the Order of the Garter. She has also served as a sophomore advisor and senior essay advisor to students in the history and history of art majors. She’s very happy to chat with students about any of those subjects. lisa.ford@yale.edu

Michael Friedmann


Michael Friedmann, professor (adj.) of Music in the school and department of music, has found his niche in relating music theory and analysis to performance. He would be glad to chat with students about finding the right space for music in their lives, and even about engaging in dubious battle and entering the music profession as composer, performer, academic or critic. Warning: he is an unabashed admirer of Arnold Schoenberg, and of forgotten representatives of “modernist” music who plied their craft in the last century. He also loves to talk about baseball, but NOT with Yankee fans. michael.friedmann@yale.edu

Barbara Goddard


Basha served as Sr. Administrative Assistant to five Masters and as the Administrator of Jonathan Edwards College from 1980-2005.  She coordinated the Tetelman Fellowship from its inception and loved working with students, Fellows, staff and whoever else in creating events for the benefit of all in the greater community.  She traveled with the Yale Symphony to far away lands, and especially enjoyed planning recitals (and an occasional opera), extending JE’s fine tradition in the arts.  ”It was a great ride,” and when her second granddaughter was born on her 65th birthday, she moved to Berkeley to help and enjoy yet another of life’s beautiful experiences.  She misses the Yale scene and is available to chat with students at any time. 


Linda Greenhouse


Linda Greenhouse teaches at the Law School, where she is the Joseph Goldstein Fellow in Law and Knight Distinguished Journalist in Residence. For 30 years before coming (back to) Yale in 2009, she was based in Washington as the New York Times Supreme Court correspondent. She won several major awards during her journalism career, including a Pulitzer Prize for her coverage of the Court. At the Law School, she teaches courses related to the Supreme Court. She writes a biweekly opinion column on law for the Times web site. She is a graduate of Harvard and received a master's degree from Yale Law School in 1978. She grew up in Hamden and now lives in downtown New Haven with her husband, Eugene Fidell, also a J.E. fellow who teaches at the Law School. Their daughter, Hannah Fidell, is a filmmaker in Los Angeles.
email linda.greenhouse@yale.edu office phone (203) 432-2514

Kara Haas


Kara is the Assistant Director for Federal Relations, where she serves as a liaison between the University, Members of Congress (and their staff), and the Executive Branch agencies. Prior to joining the University in 2006, Kara worked in the U.S. House of Representatives for nearly twelve years. In that time, she served as Professional Staff for the House Science Committee, with legislative and oversight responsibilities for the National Science Foundation and federal math and science education programs. She also held legislative positions for various members of the U.S. House of Representatives (now all retired!) with responsibility for issues ranging from education and labor to patents and immigration. Kara holds a Bachelor of Science in History and Politics from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kara currently lives in Wooster Square with her dog, Bob Barker. She likes to cook, but her dinner guests are frequently grateful that Pepe’s is just around the corner. kara.haas@yale.edu

David Hafler


David Hafler, Professor of Neurology and Immunobiology and Chairman, Department of Neurology, loves to kayak in the Long Island Sound, go for runs, and to pontificate on how we should train the next cadre of physician scientists. He decided early in his career (college) to make the understanding of multiple sclerosis as a life passion, and during this adventure became a clinical neurologist, immunologist, and geneticist. After spending 28 years at Harvard, he with great joy a number of years ago moved to Yale with his wife Janet (see her blurb), a Medical Educator. While he is the Breakstone Professor Emeritus at Harvard, he always sits on the Yale side at “The Game”. They have two wonderful children, Brian, an MD/PhD graduate and research ophthalmologist and Jason, a PhD in Genetics graduate involved in venture capital. david.hafler@yale.edu

Janet Hafler


Janet Hafler, Associate Dean for Educational Scholarship and Professor of Pediatrics at the Yale Medical School is very interested in talking with students about the transition to Yale University, about careers in health care and in education. Over her career she has taught, advised students, residents and faculty in the health care professions, and participated in medical school admissions. As the Director of the Teaching and Learning Center at the YSM, which was opened in 2012 Janet loves the contact with students and faculty who are passionate about education. Being a new grandmother, and raising two sons with David Hafler who is the Chair of Neurology at Yale School of Medicine she has tried to balance her balance work and family. She loves to take walks, do yoga and cook. janet.hafler@yale.edu

Gary L. Haller


Gary L. Haller is Henry Prentiss Becton Emeritus Professor of Engineering and Applied Science. He received his PhD in Physical Chemistry in 1966 from Northwestern University and after a post-doctoral year at Oxford University, was a member of the Yale faculty 1967-2015.  At Yale, he served as Departmental Chair, Chair of the Council of Engineering, Deputy Provost for Engineering and Physical Sciences, and Master of the Jonathan Edwards College. He is currently Director of the Henry Koerner Center for Emeritus Faculty at Yale.

Professor Haller has held several visiting positions including Oxford University, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, Universidad del Sur, Argentina (United Nations consultant), University of Edinburgh, Technical University of Münich (current), New York University, and the National Bureau of Standards.  He was editor of the Journal of Catalysis and a member of several editorial boards, including that of the Yale Alumni Magazine. He has been an active industrial consultant for more than 15 companies and is author or co-author of more than 250 publications, one book and eight industrial patents.

Donald J. Hannan lll


Donald J. Hannan lll is currently a Partner at the Atwood Group, a Wealth Management team at Merrill Lynch’s Private Bank in Boston. Before joining  Merrill lynch, Don worked at East Coast Asset Management and Saturn Asset , a New England based venture capital firm .Prior to his Financial Services career, Don served for twenty years as an ordained Episcopal Priest, after graduating from Yale Divinity School , spending the majority of his ministry in Connecticut. His not for profit interests Included being Board Chairman of Big Brothers/Big Sisters  and Board member of the American Red Cross. Today he continues to serve on Harvard Medical Schools Global Advisory council and also on the National Leadership Council for the University of Arizona.  He has three Children, Tully Robinson, Emily Wynne and Parley Eastwood and lives with his companion Rosanne Thomas on Beacon Hill.

Theresa Fairbanks Harris


Theresa Fairbanks Harris is the Senior Conservator, Works on Paper for the two Yale Art Museums.  She has a BA from Yale College and was a student in Jonathan Edwards.  She has a Masters in Science in Conservation from the University of Delaware Winterthur Conservation Program. Fairbanks Harris is an expert in paper history, art, and artist’s materials.  She has researched, published, lectured and taught about paper for over 40 years.  Her extensive employment experience in this discipline includes work as conservator and teacher in Conservation departments at Yale University and the Yale University Art Museums since 1982, the Smithsonian from 1981-1982, Harvard from 1980-1981, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Yale Rare Book Conservation Lab for Libraries from 1974-75.  She has taught since 1983 in Yale University departments of: History of Art, Fine Arts and more recently for the Paleography and Music Departments. She lectures on paper and artist’s materials nationally and internationally.