Welcome to JE!

Welcome JE ‘18!

As the Master of Jonathan Edwards, I greet you on behalf of the oldest and best residential college at Yale! We are as excited to meet you as you are to meet us, and look forward to running out to greet you in Spider T shirts on your arrival and to embracing you with our Spider spirit. I predict you will love JE: its gorgeous libraries, magnificent Great Hall, warm and welcoming Buttery and libraries , and, most importantly, its well-known sense of community.

In the next few months much reading material will be brought to your attention. However, the brochure below, created for you with affection by your JE peers, should be especially helpful on many practical matters as you prepare to embark on a great adventure.

As to the other materials from the Yale College Dean’s Office: please read everything and do what the directions tell you to do, but don’t panic or be alarmed! You do not have to (and should not) think you have figured out your whole program and Yale life before you arrive. Help will be here when you come! If you feel anxious or confused, take a deep breath. If you want a challenge, if you want to grow and change, you have to enter a world where you will be confused for a while. Lots of people will be here to help you when you arrive.

Best wishes from all of us in JE!

JE Big Sib Handbook