Freshman Counselors

Dear JE Class of 2020 Spiders,

Welcome to Jonathan Edwards, otherwise known as the best residential college! We are so excited to spend the next year with you. But first, we’d like to share a few aspects of the JE freshman experience – things to look forward to in the coming months! 
All 106 freshmen in JE live in Farnam Hall on Old Campus. What’s unique to JE is that all seven of your freshman counselors – Stephanie, Rianna, Sara, Cindy, Zach, Joe, and Denzell – live in the space affectionately dubbed the Froco Suite on the first floor of Farnam. In the Froco Suite, you’ll find comfy couches, video games, board games, free snacks, and often, fellow classmates and a few frocos just hanging out.
Once per week on Friday or Saturday nights, we host Froco Pizza for all of the Farnam frosh. Boxes and boxes of New Haven’s specialty (our town is home to the best pizza in this country) fill the two common rooms of the froco suite, only to be devoured in minutes. Everyone comes for the pizza, and it’s a great excuse to catch up with classmates and your frocos.
Lots of exciting events happen on Old Campus throughout the year, including freshman class picnics, annual snowball fights following the season’s first snowfall, and highly competitive Freshman Olympics. Jonathan Edwards proper is only a few minutes’ walk away, and will quickly become your second home. There are tons of ways to get involved in the college – from taking out your stress through IMs to serving on the college council to simply being a presence in the dining hall or library. 
We can’t wait to meet you at Camp Yale, what we call the week long orientation that takes place before classes start. In the mean time, enjoy “bluebooking,” Facebook stalking your suite mates (we all did it), and relaxing before the happy craziness of the semester. Feel free to reach out to any of us with questions, and look for the official “Jonathan Edwards College, Class of 2020” page if you’re on Facebook.
Have a wonderful, restful summer. We look forward to seeing you on campus! 
JE Sux!
Your Frocos

JE is delighted to announce 2016 - 2017 Fro-Cos! 


  Cindy Xue ‘17

Cindy is a Cognitive Science major and member of the Education Studies special academic program. She is so excited to welcome the JE Class of 2020 and spend the next year living amongst the best kind of spiders. Most recently hailing from Buffalo, she spent the rest of her childhood in Boca Raton, two small towns in Ontario, two metropolises in China, and Singapore (in reverse chronological order). At Yale, she can often be found playing violin with her Yale Symphony Orchestra family, coaching a middle school MathCounts team, and playing “games” with kids in a developmental psychology lab. As a newly retired Harvest pre-orientation leader, she also enjoys frolicking at the Yale Farm and exploring green pastures across the state. She also bleeds green as a proud JE spider, college aide, and IM table tennis regular. You can also find her practicing yoga and knitting at all hours and in the strangest of places. After spending two wonderful summers working in New Haven, she looks forward to sharing coffee shops and reading spots off the beaten path in the great city she now calls home.

  Denzell Jobson ’17

Denzell is a political science major with a concentration in urban studies. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, he attended Brooklyn Technical High School (for one year) and Saint Paul’s School in Concord, NH. At Yale, he is a sprinter on the Varsity Track and Field team and a member of the Yale Black Men’s Union. He has served as both a tour guide and a student ambassador for the Admissions Office. A lifelong reader of Japanese manga, Denzell studied Japanese abroad in Tokyo, Japan for 8 weeks in the summer of 2015 on the Richard U. Light Fellowship where he birthed his love of karaoke. “Great times,” he proclaims. You can usually find him hanging out, talking to people on the paths, playing Fifa or Super Smash Bros, or napping, in his free time.

   Zachary Blickensderfer ’17

Zach is a Computer Science and Mathematics major from Los Angeles, California. Although he formally studies the design and analysis of algorithms, one can often find him trying to sneak into a literature class or two. Zach sang with the Alley Cats, then with the Whiffenpoofs, and now intends to helm the prestigious Men of JE. He’s always down for some Ultimate Frisbee or Super Smash Bros. Talk to Zach if you need help transitioning to campus life as a low-income, west coast, singing, or STEM-inclined Yalie!

  Stephanie Addenbrooke ‘17

Because Stephanie moved around a lot as a child, she doesn’t really have a hometown. However, her accent (and love for tea and crumpets) will quickly identify her as British. At Yale, she has experimented with many different majors but eventually chose Political Science as her field of study. Most of her time outside the classroom has been spent at the Yale Daily News, where she is the outgoing editor in chief, and with Yale Faith and Action. She cannot wait to welcome you to Farnam, and talk with you about things like her latest TV show obsession or how to survive the New Haven winters. Just a note: She hates peas.

  Joseph Garcia ‘17

Joe hails from San Diego, California and is double majoring in Economics and Political Science. When not lamenting the weather from November to April, he enjoys playing his guitar, debating in the Yale Political Union, participating in activities with Yale Faith and Action and Yale Chi Alpha, and binge watching shows with friends. He is so excited to meet you all!

  Sara Yeonsoo Lee ‘17

Yeonsoo Sara Lee hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, where she attended Myers Park High School. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. In addition to being a FroCo for the undisputed best college at Yale, she is on the varsity women’s crew team, co-president of the Undergraduate Society of the Biological Sciences, and in Pi Beta Phi. She also conducts research in epidemiology at the School of Public Health in the Krause Lab, as well as research in ecosystem dynamics of Daphnia ambigua in the Post Lab at Yale. Likes: JE, froyo and whitewater rafting. Dislikes: ripe bananas and the cold.

  Rianna Johnson-Levy ‘17

Rianna is a self-proclaimed New Haven late-night food expert, originally from Michigan. An avid realty television fan, she majors in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and African American Studies so she can claim the shows as research. On campus, she’s involved with the spoken word poetry community and has recently retired from leading the Yale LGBTQ Cooperative. Come talk to Rianna about anything mentioned above but if you want to ask her about something she’s really passionate about, talk to her about her miniature golden retriever, Sojourner Truth.