JE College Aides

The College Aides are student workers who help the administrative staff to keep the college running smoothly. You can find them just inside the main JE gate in the Receiving Office, and they are your go-to troubleshooting resource. The hours of the Receiving Office are 9-5, Monday-Friday. The aides interact with the Head of College and the Associate Head of College, the Head of College’s Senior Administrative Assistant, the Operations Manager, and the House Service Assistant. The Aides also staff events like the College Teas, study breaks, and college picnics. College Aides also assist with the opening of the college and freshmen move-in at the beginning of the academic year and with commencement activities at the close of the academic year. To contact the JE Aides, email 

The Aides

Head Aide Kazemi Adachi ‘20
Sustainability Rep  Siduri Beckman ‘20
Posters & Social Media Sophie Potter ‘20
Photographers Chika Ogbejesi ‘21
Nickolina Doran ‘21
Tech Guru Matthew LaMirande ‘21
Tech Guru Elizabeth Bruce ‘20
Game Room Manager Angela Avonce ‘22
Archives Nicole Park ‘22

Website  Lauren Salzman ‘22